Did you know that a Google car crashed in a bus, fled and…


Whether it’s out of fear or the inability to take responsibility for their actions, some drivers think they can get away with hitting another driver’s vehicle. However, when the first driver is in control of one of the most recognizable cars on the globe, it’s extremely hard to be unnoticed in a hit-and-run situation on the road.


An unnamed driver was driving a Google car in Bogor, Indonesia, when he accidently hit a bus. Instead of manning up and at least making sure he hasn’t done severe damage to the vehicle or another human being, the driver fled driving away. However, the Street View trip didn’t continue as peaceful as the driver thought it would. Being probably distracted by the previous hit, the driver hit another bus shortly after. And as if this wasn’t enough reckless driving for one day, he allegedly also managed to hit a truck just moments after the second collision.


It’s hard to imagine if an ordinary looking vehicle would go unnoticed in such accident, let alone a Google car!


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