Did you know that a grown man attacked an 11 year old kid over Pokemon…


Remember the good old times when you were a youngster and the Pokemon series and toys came out in 1998? If you were a fan of Pikachu, you probably grew out of it long ago just like any normal human being. But it seems like not all children grow up.


According to police reports, earlier this year a fully grown man wanted to become the Pokemon Master. The 25 year old Willie J. Bean from Kankakee, Illinois, was playing a game of Pokemon cards with an 11 year old boy. The kid got too enraptured in the game, as any kid would. And so did Bean. During the game he slammed the kid on the ground without thinking about the consequences. When police officers came to arrest him, he told them he was acting out of self-defense, so he didn’t think beating up a child was wrong. As if the 11 year old boy could actually do something.


Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

I love writing about all kind of different and interesting facts. It's not only exciting, but I learn something new every day. What I learn I share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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