Did You Know That A Guy Deliberately Crashed Into A Gas Station Only To Steal….


Usually, people attempting to commit one of the most frequent and violent crimes in America, a gas station robbery, aim at one thing only : cash. If there is no cash available robbers go for the second best thing they can get their hands on.


However, in a particular case of a gas station heist that took place recently, the burglar forgot about the cash register and chose to snatch a healthier loot. Currently, the police authorities in Newington, Connecticut are investigating the truly bizarre gas station robbery. A man known only by his description from the surveillance footage where he was depicted wearing a black jacket, dark jeans and a brown hat broke inside the Citgo Gas Station situated at 502 Cedar Street. He used his pickup truck to break the front doors by driving back and forth several times. The robber then entered the gas station, swiped a banana of the shelf, peeled it and ate it while still inside the building.


The owner of the gas station was shocked to discover that the banana was the only stolen item.
When the police arrived moments later the man was gone. Only the remains of the banana peel were discovered on the floor.


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