Did you know that a guy failed to pay an 89-cent refill and got…


An average worker at a construction site in South Carolina thought he was only getting a lunch. Unfortunately for him, what happened during that lunch soon became headline news.


Official reports state that Christopher Lewis, the construction worker in question, was heading to the VA Medical Center near the construction site for lunch earlier this week. The man was completely oblivious to the unfortunate situation he was about to get himself into. During his lunch Lewis had his soda refilled without knowing he had to pay an additional 89-cent fee for it. Shortly after he had finished his lunch the guy was approached by authorities regarding the refilling fee. Lewis explained he wasn’t aware of it and tried to pay the small fee. However, the officials told him he had violated the law by committing theft of a government property and handed him a shoplifting ticket for $525!
Shortly after the news broke out the medical center decided to drop the case. According to the reports, the man was about to get banned from his working place, but there’s a chance that he could still keep his job.


Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

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