Did you know that a guy got arrested after asking the police if he was…


An unnamed man was recently dubbed as the dumbest criminal in the world after he threw himself in the face of the police.

source: for illustration purposes only
source: for illustration purposes only

The man in question is a 59 year old fraudster, who was completely oblivious to the fact that he was an actual criminal. The guy went to a local police station and politely asked the good police officers if they had something on him. It turned out Australian police indeed had something on him – it was an active warrant for his arrest, which was issued from a court in Vienna. The guy was wanted for charges related with embezzlement and fraud. He was a person of interest that quickly got arrested. The man’s name wasn’t released, but official reports claim that he was put behind bars in Salzburg.


According to the reports, the man wouldn’t have guessed he was a fraudster if he hadn’t asked the police.


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