Did You Know That A Guy Quit His Job To Upload Minecraft Videos On Youtube And….


Joseph Garrett used to work as a barman but his hobby was playing video games. He decided to start filming himself playing and uploading the videos online. The 23-year-old university graduate shares that all he does in his videos is play and comment but, yet, his clips have turned into a sensation with more than 170 million views per month.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

As soon as Joseph started earning as much from his videos as he was getting at his bartending job, he quit immediately. So today he is a full-time video games player who shares his gaming experience with millions of people all over the world. Joseph currently lives with his parents in Hampshire, United Kingdom who are very happy for him and support him 100 %. Joseph’s Youtube channel is called Stampylonghead and there you can find lots of videos of Let’s Play Terraria, Doki-Doki Universe, Minecraft and other games. Joseph himself rarely features in the videos and you can only hear his voice doing a funny monologue. He thinks his fans see him as a friend and he has the best job in the world.


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