Did you know that a guy ran inside a burning house in order to save his X….


People have plunged themselves in burning buildings for all sorts of reasons – saving other people, valuable documents, sentimental personal belongings. However, this guy decided to run back to his burning home just to save his Xbox.


A passionate gamer from Kansas, who wasn’t identified, was smart enough to get out of his house when it caught on fire. However, the man remembered he had left something behind – a possession of extreme importance. Official reports and video footage show how the man plunged himself inside the burning house for his game console. Fortunately for him, he managed to save his Xbox. Unfortunately, he inhaled too much smoke. And if that’s not enough, the fire caused $80,000 worth of damage to his house.
He probably couldn’t bear of losing another series of hundreds of bucks. Or he was just too attached to his Xbox. Nobody known for sure.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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