Did you know that a guy spent 42h on making a balloon scu…


The Salt Lake Comic Con, which took place in Utah this April, stirred some craze among the Internet users and geeks all around the world, mostly thanks to John Reid’s amazing balloon creation.

source: facebook/epicballons
source: facebook/epicballoons

Reid, who’s a New York-based magician and artist, made a humongous sculpture of the infamous Optimus Prime character from Transformers. It took him the unbelievable 42 hours of hard work to finish his creation. 4,302 purple, white, blue, black and lime colored balloons shaped the notorious Transformer at the Utah convention. According to officials, Reid’s Transformer is actually a record-breaking balloon sculpture, since the 50feet high Transformer is the largest balloon sculpture ever created by a single human being. Optimus Prime was a humongous hit among the convention goers and he was dubbed Pop-timus.


However, Reid doesn’t take his 15 minutes of fame as most people do. The man is sure that somebody else will beat his record in the upcoming several months. He actually hopes that somebody will trounce his record breaking Optimus Prime soon.


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