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Did You Know That A Guy Takes A Selfie Every Day For Proof to the IRS That He…


Most people usually take selfies just out of narcissistic reasons for themselves and never for the government. Recently one clever daughter named Anne Jarvis discovered somewhat bizarre photos of her father Andrew on his camera. It appears that Andrew had systematically taken hundreds of selfies of himself in front of his home in Philadelphia, often carrying the daily newspaper.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

It turns out that Andrew who works as an architect had to devote his time to both of his firm’s branches. One of them is in NYC and the other one is in Phili. Once the commute became so stressful Andrew decided to rent an apartment in NYC.  After he inspected the tax laws in NYC, Andrew discovered that he can only live in the city for less than 182 days without having to pay tax. In order to avoid a dispute with the tax officers Andrew began arming himself with proof that he spends most of the time in Philadelphia.


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