Did you know that A high school in Pennsylvania used Apple’s MacBooks in order to spy on



Back in 2010 the “WebcamGate” scandal exploded in the media all around the world when it became clear that a high school used Apple’s MacBook in order to spy on its students when they were least expecting it.

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The Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania, US, issued MacBook laptops for their 2,300 students. The kids, oblivious to the school officials’ plans, took the laptops in their homes. Shortly after that the school remotely activated the laptops’ webcams and gathered pictures, video footage and all sorts of material about the students’ private lives, including data about their chats and browsing history. They leaked the materials on the school’s server and managed to collect around 66,000 images completely invading the children’s privacy.


This soon led to a number of lawsuits and media outbursts. At the end, the Lower Merion School District was forced to pay up to $61,000 in lawsuit settlements as well as court fees.



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