Did You Know That A High School Student Hacked The School's Grade System To….


In 2010 a senior student studying at the Pahrump Valley High School in Nevada named Tyler Coyner dreamed of continuing his studies in finance at an Ivy league university. He wanted to pursue a degree in finance and eventually become a hedge fund trader.
In order to make his dream come true this smart 19-year-old at the time decided to boost his odds of winning a scholarship for a world-renowned university by hacking his high school’s grading system.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Coyner, was allegedly also a “gang” leader of a small group of smart students who somehow obtained a teacher’s password and manipulated their grades.  The witty teen and his “gang” used to sell their services to other students and earn quite the profit. Coyner was already a good student with a nice GPA, but he wanted to be honored with the title Salutatorian at the school graduation. He was very little behind the second, so he allegedly bumped up only one of his grades from B- to an A.  Not only did he graduate with a GPA of 4.54, but he also gave an inspiring speech when awarded.

Coyner and his “gang” were later apprehended by the police at their universities dorm rooms and were charged with serious crimes.


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