Did you know that a homeless lottery winner put his £1.7 million prize into helping abus…


A 55 year old homeless Hungarian man has vowed to give most of his lottery money to people in need after scoring a £1.7 million prize in a Hungarian lottery.

source: RTL
source: RTL

The 55 year old László Andraschek set a highscore after winning the biggest Hungarian lottery ever – more than $2.8 million. The homeless man couldn’t believe his eyes at first, but then he set off to repay all of his debts. He kept the unexpected turn in his life as a secret for several months before making a huge donation this February to a hostel for homeless people. Andraschek and his wife Anikó have bought a car for their three children and have vowed to spend the lottery money wisely. According to official reports, Andraschek will be donating most of his money for a good cause – he wants to help abused women, homeless people and alcohol addicts.


The man himself has recovered from his previous alcohol addiction and states that the money might have changed his life, but they can’t change his personality.


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