Did you know that A homeless man got $100,000 after helping the police catch a…


One homeless man residing in the San Francisco area helped the police catch two escaped criminals and will get $100,000 as a reward for his brave actions.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

On the 22nd of January this year three inmates managed to escape from the Orange County Central Men’s jail. The police launched in a hunt for the escaped criminals. One of them, Bac Doung, turned himself in on the 29th of January, but the other two were still on the run. The very next day a homeless guy helped the police track down the other two and re-capture them.

The man in question, the 55 year old Matthew Hay-Chapman, was on the streets of San Francisco, California, US, when he spotted the couple criminals parking a stolen van and heading inside a McDonald’s restaurant. The man followed the two guys bravely and after he was convinced that they were indeed the men the police was looking for, he ran out of the fast food restaurant, stopped a moving police car and told the cops where to find the escaped inmates. The police followed Hay-Chapman’s instructions and captured the two men. According to official reports, the Orange County Board of Supervisors has decided that the homeless man receives a big award for his actions. Thus, they are giving him $100,000 for his bravery and for helping the police with re-capturing the criminals. The officials have also decided to award $20,000 to the owner of the stolen van through which the two escapees were moving.


The reports state that the criminals are a 37 year old man named Hossein Nayeri and a 20 year old man named Jonathan Tieu. It’s not clear what crimes Tieu, Nayeri and their accomplice Doung carried out so that the prizes for their arrest would be so high.


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