Did You Know That A Homeless Man Has Been Living In A Grave For …


Life of the underprivileged could be really tough sometimes. So tough that a person like Bratislav Stojanovic is forced to make difficult choices. The 43-year-old homeless man has been living in an empty grave in the cemetery of Nis, Serbia for the past 15 years.

Bratislav used to be a construction worker at one point but he never managed to keep another steady job for his entire life. He lost his house due to outstanding debts and was forced to move out.

Photo: Sasa Djordjevic

Bratislav currently resides in an empty concrete grave having for neighbors a family that died nearly 100 ago in Nis. He claims he feels comfortable in his underground homestead which is only 6 feet long and 3 feet tall. Room for head movement is a luxury for Bratislav but this situation does not bother him at all. In his spare time he collects cigarette buts and candles from the cemetery. He uses the candles to keep himself warm during cold nights. Unfortunately, the cemetery is no longer open and much less visitors go there which makes collecting candles really tough.


For food he walks around the dumpsters and salvages whatever he finds edible. At one point he even had a girlfriend and a friend that were residing at the cemetery, too. Sadly, they are both gone and he is all alone now.

His motivation for seeking refuge inside an empty grave is connected mostly to his problems with integrating in society. He has also been robbed many times by other homeless people which made his situation even worse. In the cemetery he enjoys a peaceful environment away from all troubles including the authorities.



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