Did You Know That A Honeymoon Couple Survived Six Deadly Natural Disasters While….


In the early November of 2010 the recently married couple from Sweden, Stefan and Erika Svanstrom, began planning their honeymoon trip around the world. To make their honeymoon dream possible Stefan resigned from his job as an economist and Erika took a maternity leave.

The couple began their journey in the end of November and headed to Singapore via Munich. Unfortunately, they got caught up in one of Europe’s biggest snow blizzards in history and had to spent a day in Munich waiting for the weather to clear out before they could fly off to Thailand. The couple spent a very nice month enjoying sunbathing and scuba diving sessions. Before leaving for Bali they experienced very heavy monsoon rains which were typical for the January season. Then the couple flew off to Perth, Australia where they barely managed to escape from the bushfires that were raging across the region.

Image Source: Svanstrom Family
Image Source: Svanstrom Family

A month later, while still in Australia, the couple had their first real epic disaster experience. A category 5 cyclone called Yasihad hit the area and forced them to find refuge inside a mall. There the couple spent days sleeping on the cement floor along with other evacuees. A few weeks later the Svanstroms were at a friends’ house in Brisbane where they witnessed the devastation after a massive flooding.


After flying off from Australia to New Zealand they were notified by relatives that a major 6.3 magnitude earthquake had struck the city of Christchurch. After staying in New Zealand for a week the couple set out for another journey in Asia when they flew off to Tokyo, Japan. There they experienced the monstrous earthquake of March 11, 2011 while staying in a hotel in Asakusa. Finally, the newlyweds went to China were they enjoyed a nice and quiet sightseeing tours before returning to Stockholm.

Despite all they went through, the couple stated they were quite satisfied with their honeymoon and even plan to travel again in the future.


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