Did you know that a japanese guy crashed while riding his motorcycle and failed to notice…


A Japanese motorist made it in the headlines when he walked away from a motorcycle accident without realizing he had lost one of his limbs.


In the not so distant 2007 an unnamed Japanese biker and a group of friends were traveling to the city of Hamamatsu on their motorcycles. The then 54 year old man, who was an office worker, failed to negotiate a curve and accidentally hit the road’s safety barrier. The man reportedly felt severe pain in one of his legs when the crash occurred, but he didn’t bother to check how bad his condition was. Unfortunately for the man, the barrier had severed his leg just below his knee. The man was stunned to find out he was missing half a limb when he and his friends arrived at their final destination.


The man was rushed to a hospital, but his limb was so badly injured that the doctors failed to do him much good.


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