Did You Know That A Japanese Idol's Plastic Surgery Obsession Has Left Her Looking Like A….


Rita Nanese used to be a very pretty girl but having undergone so many plastic surgeries, she now looks like a creature from a fantasy movie. What is more, the 25-year-old Japanese idol is the spitting image of Dobby, the house elf from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. From the long nose to the pointed chin and large eyes, Rita looks like Dobby’s twin sister but the most bizarre part of the story is she likes her new looks.



Supposedly, Rita started having surgeries in the first place because she wasn’t happy with her “fat” nose and “beady eyes”. The girl kept her fans informed about the outcome of her surgeries via Twitter. At first, there was a slight disapproval of her chin sharpening and nose lengthening intervention but as Rita continued with the operations, the disapproval kept growing. Today, people are worried about the formerly cute girl not only because she has completely altered her appearance but also because she look incredibly thin. However, Rita seems happy with her transformation and doesn’t understand why people tend to call her “an alien”.


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