Did you know that a Japanese man robbed a bank by pretending to be a health official and giving…


Back in the 1900s when people didn’t have high tech toys to securely break into safes, they had to use imagination and creativity. One creative Japanese man managed to rob a bank by using a fake identity and his chemistry knowledge.


In 1948 Sadamichi Hirasawa walked into a branch of the Imperial bank in a suburban area of Toshima, Japan. He told the bank staff he was a public health official and that there was an outbreak of dysentery. In order to survive, he told the staff that they had to take pills and a liquid he gave to them, which was actually cyanide solution. Oblivious to the man’s identity and plans, the people drank the lethal substances. The majority of them died from poisoning at the bank, while 2 others died in a hospital. Sudamichi stole 160,000 yen from the bank, which was the equivalent of $2,000 at that time.
He was later caught by the police and following further investigation and a confession, he was sentenced to death.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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