Did You Know That A Kentucky Man Has Been Eating Raw Meat For …


Derek Nance has taken some extreme measures when it comes to his eating habits. It might come as a shock to the human nation, but this individual from Kentucky has been on a strict raw meat diet for the past 5 years.
Nance admits that before he started this strange diet he has been vomiting constantly. He says he’s even tried vegetarian diet. Nowadays Nance is consuming almost the entire carcass, including the animal fat and the innards. He slaughters his food himself and he doesn’t have any health problems. His diet is also known as Paleo diet or a caveman diet.
Nance’s extreme lifestyle sometimes involves avocados or coconuts from time to time, but the absolutely raw meat is a must. He admits that his own father doesn’t approve of his eating habits, but his vegetarian girlfriend is completely supportive.
According to Nance his body has become physically robust thanks to his extreme diet. Shocking, but effective.


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