Did you know that a landscaper found $1m lottery ticket in a pile of…


A poor 27 year old landscaper came across a big fortune while performing his daily work.


The 27 year old Marvin Martinez from Hicksville, New York, had the shock of his life in 2012 when he found a lottery ticket for $1 million in a pile of wet leaves while he was on the job. The stunned Martinez decided to keep the ticket even after his own mother told him to throw it away. And as it turns out, he made the right decision. After a year of investigation the police have finally concluded that the ticket is 100% legit and that nobody will come looking for it. Martinez, who was one of the 5 New Yorkers who won $1 million in lottery, went for a cash prize immediately. He wasn’t able to enjoy his full prize, because he had to pay his debts and taxes, but he still got to keep more than half of it, according to lottery officials.


Martinez told the media he was going to help his family and make an investment with the rest of the money.


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