Did You Know That A Legally Blind Woman From New Zealand Regained 80% Of Her Sight After ….


Lisa Reid lost her sight at the age of 14 as a result of brain cancer. Lisa got diagnosed when she was only 11 and underwent severe therapy and brain surgery in order to get her cancer cured. As a result of the neurosurgery, the malignant tumour was successfully removed, but the optical nerves of the girl had been permanently damaged. Gradually, her eyesight diminished until a point when three years later she was legally blind.


To the amazement of her doctors and Lisa herself, an accidental blow to her head 10 years later caused her to regain almost 80% of the vision of her left eye.

Lisa Reid accidentally hit her head first on a bedside table and then on the floor as she lost balance while bending down to kiss her guide dog. The next morning she was astonished to find out that she was able to see again.


Although Lisa can barely contain her excitement and happiness of the miraculous return of her vision, doctors have been slightly more reserved and sceptical. The reason for that is they can find no medical explanation for this sudden recovery as tests show that the optical nerves are still damaged. Some of them even claim that Lisa’s blindness was caused by psychological rather than physiological factors all along.

Whatever the explanation behind this restored vision is the fact is that Lisa Reid, now 25, can once again enjoy watching movies, seeing her family and friends and, most importantly, she was able to see her boyfriend, who is now her husband, for the very first time. They are currently expecting a baby and enjoy life to the fullest with the gift they were given.


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