Did you know that a little boy gave an army liuetenant a heartwarming…


An 8 years old boy warmed the hearts of thousands when the news of his touching gesture broke in the news.

source: CBS News
source: CBS News

The 8 years old Myles Eckert lost his father Andy Eckert when Myles was still a toddler. Eckert died while he was serving in Iraq. Myles, still touched by his father’s bravery, approached Lt. Col. Frank Dailey while he was having dinner at Cracker Barrel in Ohio. On his way to the restaurant Myles had found $20 on the parking lot. The boy’s first thought was to buy a video game or something similar, but when he saw the lieutenant in the restaurant, he changed his mind. Myles gave the banknote to Dailey and wrote him a heartwarming note.

The note said a big thank you to Dailey’s services to the country. Myles also explained that his father was in heaven, but he would like the lieutenant to keep the banknote as a gratitude from Myles.


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