Did you know that a London restaurant is letting customers pay bu up…


The social media is so hype that it’s becoming a new type of currency at a restaurant based in London, UK.


Customers at The Picture House are now paying with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – literally. The restaurant’s innovative approach towards its customers is a ground-breaking idea coming from Margaret Jobling, the marketing director at Bird’s Eye. According to Margaret, there are more than 90 million snapshots of meals on Instagram alone. She claims that nearly 34% of UK’s population regularly takes snaps of their food before uploading in on the social media. In order to benefit from this trend The Picture House, which has partnered up with Bird’s Eye, will let customers pays with photos of their served meals. If the customers upload the pictures on the social media and tag it with the #BirdsEyeInspirations hashtag, their meals will be free of charge.


The Picture House just opened doors in London, but as of next month it will also be serving in Leeds and Manchester.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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