Did you know that A lonely British woman married…


Meet Grace Gelder – probably the loneliest Brit on the planet!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

31 year old Grace Gelder is a filmmaker from London, UK, who likes Bjork, Parliament Hill and romance. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had the latter in her life for quite some time. After 6 years single and partly inspired by the lyrics to the Bjork song Isobel, Grace decided to propose to herself on a bench in Parliament Hill. Shortly after the proposal, Grace sent out invitations, asking her friends to be a part of the special day in which she married herself. One of them lent her a farmhouse to host the wedding earlier this year. Over 50 guests attended the strange ceremony and watched Grace put on a ring and kiss her own reflection in a mirror while dressed in a bridal gown. Her sister was the only family member that actually attended the wedding.


Grace described the event as “empowering” and encouraged other single women and men to do the same.


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