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Did you know that a lottery winner flushed £330,000 down the toilet so that nobody…


Winning a national lottery is once in a lifetime experience. And a German lady decided to destroy her lottery prize after having too much of celebrating the lucky score.


Recent reports state that the 63 year old Angela Maier from Essen won the German national lottery. However, she didn’t get in the headlines for winning the money, but for losing it – on purpose. Maier, who won £330,000 (approximately $550,000), got a message from the care home her husband has died in. According to the reports the fact that the woman had won had made the care home send her a message about her medical bills. Maier was already drunk with too much champagne when she received the message about her expenses. Infuriated that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy her money, she decided to tear down the banknotes one by one and flush them down the toilet!


There’s no actual proof if Maier indeed destroyed the money or just made it up, but she did agree to pay the care home $5,500 in order to settle the case.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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