Did You Know That A Loyal Dog Stayed By His Injured Master's Side Overnight In…


Getting a dog could be a really life-changing and even life-saving decision for some people.  When the 52-year-old Alaskan named Ortis Orth got a female golden retriever called Amber last December he would never have imagined that this loyal canine would save his life from great danger.

Photo Courtesy: Alaska State Troopers
Photo Courtesy: Alaska State Troopers

Just last Sunday when Orth who lives in a homestead outside Trapper Creek, Alaska decided to take his snowmachine on a supply run to the nearest town. He took his golden retriever Amber with him for the ride. Unfortunately, there were some unseen obstacles covered by snow and the snowmachine suddenly dipped into the ground and sent Orth and his dog flying more than 50 feet away. Orth was badly injured and could not move while sinking into the snow. His screams for help could be neither hear nor he could be seen.


Luckily, Orth had his dog Amber with him. She stayed by her injured owner and helped him keep warm during the freezing night. On the next day Orth sill could not move. Each and every time someones snowmachine was heard passing Orth would make Amber go and get people to help. After multiple unsuccessful attempts when people just speed away because they didn’t want Amber chasing them, the dog was  finally successful. Amber’s excessive barking and chasing was able to grab the attention of 2 men named Tom and Maynard Taylor who stopped their snowmachine. After a quick search the men discovered the incapacitated and buried Mr. Orth and immediately called the EMT’s and the state troopers.
Thanks to Amber’s valiant efforts Mr. Orth is now being treated in the Providence Alaska Medical Center.


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