Did You Know That A Lucky Californian Gets Paid $93,000 To Have As Much Fun As Possible Doing….


Andrew Smith from California is probably the luckiest person in the world. He doesn’t need to save up if he wants to travel and have fun because that is what he does for a living, or at least for the next six months. Andrew was recently appointed “the chief funster” of New South Wales, Australia. His job will require him to travel around the Australian state and do all kinds of exciting things. What is more, Andrew will receive $93,000 as payment for the six months of employment.

Image Source: Funster Experiment/Facebook
Image Source: Funster Experiment/Facebook

The young man to win a contest part of a promotional campaign for New South Wales as a desirable travel destination for young people. Andrew is required to collect as many as 802,000 moments of fun for the duration of his job which is a moment per every square kilometer of NSW. So far, he has managed to work his way through 480,000 fun moments some of which included skydiving, abseiling the mountains and sliding down a gigantic typhoon waterslide. Andrew’s “work contract” is set to finish in mid June but he hopes he would manage to fit twice as much fun moments as required in the time left.


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