Did You Know That A Mafia Boss Underwent Gender Change Operation To….


Giovanni Rebolledo from Barranquilla, Colombia managed to escape prison and he certainly didn’t want to get caught again. That was how he taught of the questionably brilliant plan to undergo a gender change operation which included getting implants, a bottom tuck and a rhinoplasty. Reportedly, this emergency makeover cost him as much as $18,000.



The escaped convict also changed his name to Rosalinda and believed he had completely disappeared from the eyes of law. Rebolledo had many charges against him including robbery, conspiracy and blackmail attempting to shark up his victims bank details. Even though the culprit assumed he was untouchable, when the police scanned his ID card it turned out that the woman was actually Giovanni Rebolledo who the authorities were searching for. Upon being arrested Rebolledo burst into tears. People who knew him as a woman couldn’t believe that he was actually a man and, what is more, one being looked for by the law.


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