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Did you know that a man allegedly asked to be arrested instead of faceing his angr…


A guy from Tennessee opted for arrest over facing his wrathful mother.


According to official reports, Michael Heck from Knoxville, Tennessee, called 911 earlier this May. The man mentioned something about methamphetamine, so authorities were sent to the guy’s home shortly after the phone call was made. As it turned out, Heck had made a false drug report, for which he was later charged. According to Dan Losada, the Knoxville Police Chief, Heck actually told the cops to arrest him. He explained that he was more willing to face an arrest than to deal with his wrathful mother and her anger. The police immediately granted his wish. They searched the man’s home afterwards, but didn’t find any sign of methamphetamine or any other drugs there.


He was later charged with making the false report. And of course, his mother probably also dealt with him, because he became headline news.


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