Did You Know That A Man Ate For Free For A Year Using…


Airports are usually horrible places to be at. There is too much noise, too many people who are rushing to somewhere combined with the annoying obstacle course you need to pass in the form of security check ups and finding your rolling luggage. But this is an ordinary experience for all the regular passengers. You wouldn’t have to get through this hassle if you had a first class ticket and were treated like royalty in the VIP waiting room, right?


Recently, a genius man named Kwong Wah Yit Poh from China decided to use his single first class ticket only to take advantage of the delicious food in the VIP section that China Eastern Airlines provided. He used his ticket only to enter the VIP lounge at the Xi’an airport in Shaanxi,China, eat like it was his last meal and then exit the premises. After each meal Kwong changed the departure date of his ticket and was able to trick the airports system.


After the airport staff investigated him it turned out he changed the dates of his single first class plane ticket more than 300 times. When they refused to change his departure dates yet again, Kwong just returned the ticket and received full reimbursement.


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