Did You Know That A Man Carjacked An Ambulance With A Patient Still Inside Due To….


A seemingly dangerous man from Florida was stuck inside a taxi during a traffic jam in Pennsylvania. In order to speed up the process of transportation the culprit named Brian Timothy Kada Jr. decided to commit the unthinkable.

The man saw a EMStar ambulance vehicle in front of the cab he was in. Then the man in a hurry decided to ditch the cab and go for an ambulance ride. Kada jumped out of the cab and literally carjacked the ambulance. He scared off the two medics and the driver who were inside the ambulance with a gun and sat behind the driver’s wheel.



What he didn’t know or see was that there was still a patient in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. Kada abducted the unsuspecting patient and took him for a dangerous ride. The ambulance was speeding on the shoulder of the road. Soon one of the rear tires became flattened. The medics thought the speeding ambulance would simply flip and crash. Kada was able to drive a couple of miles till the ambulance just died near the City Avenue, CBS Philadelphia. He then ran on foot but the cops were there to apprehend him.

The ambulance carjacker was convicted of assault, kidnapping and many other offenses related to the events that day. Luckily, the abducted patient was completely fine and unharmed. He was later transported to another hospital with a different ambulance.


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