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Did you know that a man claims that Justin Bieber egged his…


Justin Bieber may have almost quit his career, but he’s certainly not laying low. The teen ex-pop sensation just can’t be tamed when it comes to partying, reckless driving or abusing average citizens.


Recent reports state that one of his neighbors caught Bieber egging the his house. Bieber allegedly threw at least 20 eggs at the unnamed neighbor’s house for undisclosed reasons. TMZ have video footage, which allegedly shows Bieber swearing at his neighbor and threatening him that he has “another one” for him. Whether he means another egg or another act of vandalism is not quite clear. According to TMZ, Bieber has caused damages totalling nearly $400 on the neighbor’s house. The celebrity news site states that this might lead to a felony vandalism investigation, which Bieber probably won’t be happy about.
But after all, it’s Justin Bieber we’re talking about. He likes getting in the news.


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