Did You Know That A Man Claims To Have Traveled To An Alternate Dimension In Which The Beatles Never Broke…..


A man that calls himself James Richards as he is unwilling to reveal his real name claims that he has had an extremely bizarre experience. While driving home through Del Puerto Canyon, California on September 9, 2009 Richards decided to make a stop so his dog could go to the bathroom. Once he let the dog out it started chasing after a rabbit and Richards ran after it. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell, badly hurting his head. Supposedly, he was unconscious for a while.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

According to his story he woke in an unfamiliar place which resembled a home. A strange man appeared and asked him whether he was ok. Richards wanted to know what happened and how he ended up in this place. The man explained that they were in a parallel universe. Apparently, the man could travel from one dimension to another using a special machine. He was travelling through our dimension when he spotted Richards unconscious on the ground and since there was no one around, he decided to help him even though it was forbidden. The man explained that there were multiple different dimensions, most of them unexplored. The two men started sharing knowledge about each other’s world and when music came up the man told Richards that The Beatles were not broken up in his world and even had more albums and were still performing. Richards asked to take a tape back home as an evidence from his experience but the man warned him against it. However, Richards managed to snatch a cassette tape (the man didn’t explain why they were still using cassette tapes) and brought it home with him. He restrains from using his real identity worried that he took the tape against the man’s warning.


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