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Did you know that a man divorced his wife because she gave a….


The divorce rates in Saudi Arabia are increasing rapidly. And even though it’s hard to put our fingers on the most common reason for the high divorce rates, it can safely be said that this one is quite an unusual reason for a divorce.
An unnamed woman from Saudi Arabia published a picture of herself while she was giving a kiss to a horse during a trip at a farm near Riyadh. After her husband saw the photograph on her page on a social networking website, he was so infuriated with her that he demanded a divorce. Whether it was jealousy or something else, the two divorced short after.

However, the woman didn’t seem to mind. She told the press that she was and will not be ashamed of the photograph, since she has a strong love for Arabic horses. Furthermore, she even stated that she’s glad her marriage ended since she didn’t want to be in any sort of relationship with a person who couldn’t distinguish animals and humans from one another.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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