Did You Know That A man drank 3 bottles of vodka and jumped out a 5…


Known for their love of vodka, Russians never seize to amaze the world with their drinking abilities. For example, Alexei Roskov decided that not one, not two but three bottles of vodka would be sufficient to satisfy his thirst. After consuming this serious amount of vodka, he suddenly decided that he wanted to  jump out of his kitchen window.


The problem was that his apartment was on the fifth floor. To his wife’s horror, Alexei jumped out of the window but amazingly survived almost unharmed. He got up from this terrible fall and went back to his wife who, understandably, was hysterical. While she was screaming at him and shouting about calling an ambulance, the drunken “Superman” decided he couldn’t take it anymore and jumped out of the same window again!
To everyone’s amazement, once more he was almost unharmed and suffered only a few scratches.
The explanation, which doctors have given for this bizarre case, is that alcohol causes the numbing of the central nervous system, which allows the muscles to relax even when experiencing such a fall.

However, most of the people who witnessed the double jump assumed Alexei was just extremely lucky. Any attempts to repeat Alexei’s deed at home are highly non-recommendable, neither is his drinking three bottles of alcohol at one sitting.


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