Did you know that a man faked his own kidnapping because his girlfriend was…


Rahmell Pettway, a 36 year old man from Brooklyn, New York, was afraid of his girlfriend after he went AWOL for two weeks. After leaving the love nest without any explanation (or permission for that matter), he got too scared to admit the truth because he was afraid of what could happen if his girlfriend unleashed her wrath on him.


So what did Pettway do? He told the New York police officers he was kidnapped. According to his report, two unidentified men beat him up, tied him up and then threw him in a light blue minivan. Pettway was then taken to an unknown location and was later found on the street by some pedestrian with duct tape all over his legs, hands and mouth. However, the police officers realized he was lying when they saw the roll of duct tape, which was still dangling from his entangled wrists. The man confessed he was lying after further questioning.


Furthermore, Pettway seems to be well-known by the police, since he has been arrested for burglary, drug possession and even an assault.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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