Did You Know That A Man Foreclosed On A Bank of America Branch After He Was Wrongly….


In a modern recreation of the story about David and Goliath, a couple from Naples fought and won against Bank of America. The local branch of the bank foreclosed on them in February 2010, even though they paid in full for their home in cash and never took mortgage on it. The couple hired an attorney and the bank eventually stopped proceeding on the case. But the family already got $2,534 out of their pockets to pay for the attorney’s fees. They requested many times that the bank pay up the bill but the matter got ignored. The family did not give up and took the case to court which ordered the bank to compensate them. Few months of phone calls and letters followed the court judgment. The bank still did not pay and Todd Allen, the family’s attorney, took it to the next step. A foreclosure was ordered on Bank of America.


With the order in hand and the local sheriff and a few of his deputies for support Todd Allen entered the local branch of B.A.. The group was instructed to take cash from furniture, tellers’ drawers and computers but the branch manager soon complied and issued a check for $5,772 to compensate for the attorney’s fees and some additional expenditures.




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