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Did you know that a man fought a bear attack by grabing its ….


The CBC reported the incredible story of Gilles Cyr, a Canadian man who managed to fight off a black bear attack.


Cyr was in Grand Falls, Ontario, when a black bear attacked him out of nowhere. He told the press about the terrifying sensations he experienced while the bear was on top of him, trying to kill its prey. However, Cyr didn’t succumb to his fear and managed to grab the creature’s tongue, while they were struggling face to face on the ground. The bear started clawing Cyr and biting its tongue. Eventually the man managed to fight off the bear and hid behind a tree. Soon after the creature lost interest in pursuing him.


Cyr walked away with a bite mark and some scratches, but his injuries were minor. He also walked away with permission from a warden to track down the bear and kill it. It’s reported that the population of the black bears in Ontario is rapidly growing and it has reached up to 17,000 thanks to the decrease in the black bear hunting.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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