Did you know that a man found a dead friend, stole artwork from his house and…


Somewhere in July this year Hiram Noel Mendez, a man from Cortlandt Manor, New York, went to visit a friend, but found out the host was dead. The man called 911, but after five long months of investigations it finally became clear that he indulged himself by robbing the late man’s house before reporting the case.


Ronald Cutrone, the late friend, had died in his home in Lake Peekskill. According to reports, he had been an artist, which had made his home desirable not only to common thieves, but apparently to so called friends, too. After realizing Cutrone was dead, Mendez took some artworks. When the police finally learned the truth, Mendez got arrested and charged with petty larceny. Reports from the toxicology tests state that Cutrone’s death wasn’t suspicious, but there’s still no lead on the cause of the man’s death.


Who knows, maybe they’ll figure it out after another five months of investigations…


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