Did you know that a man from New Jersey won the Jersey Cash lottery with two…


Your chances of winning a lottery are close to zero. And your chances of buying identical lottery tickets are probably even smaller. However, a New Jersey man made headlines after winning two thirds of a lottery with two identical tickets.


John Roland from Garfield, New Jersey, got the shock of his life in December 2013. The man had accidentally bought two identical tickets for the Jersey Cash 5 lottery, each of which then won $292,935. According to official reports, Mr. Roland actually won two thirds of the jackpot. The Jersey Cash 5 drawing, which had taken place on the 12th of December, had only one other winner, but Mr. Roland also received an additional $515 prize from a third ticket, which also had some winning numbers.


Mr. Roland told the media he’d had no intentions of buying identical tickets and that he’s going to put his money into investments. As for the third winner of the lottery, he/she is yet to come forward.


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