Did you know that a man from Oklahoma found a strange container in his lawn. He called the Police and…


When it comes to bombs, people shudder with fear. And there’s a good reason behind it – after all, any sensible person would be petrified at the thought of an exploding bomb. So when a man from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US, found a suspicious object, he contacted the police immediately.


According to the police report, the unnamed man found a strange container in his lawn, which looked like a thermos with tinfoil protruding from the lid. The man thought it could be a bomb and took it to a local police station. The Oklahoma City police department responded immediately, telling him to leave it outside and sending a bomb squad to inspect the suspicious object. Shortly after an X-ray was done, the squad realized the truth – the container wasn’t a bomb, but a plain old burrito.


The police officers weren’t amused by the discovery. Dexter Nelson, a police Captain from the Oklahoma City department, told the media that the police encourage anyone who finds a suspicious item to call them immediately for safety’s sake, rather than risk moving it themselves.


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