Did You Know That A Man Got Bitten By A Dead….


One sunny day Bo McMahon and his friend Stacey were sitting near the lake across the local camp for the homeless in Mobile, Alabama. Suddenly, they spotted a snake swimming in the lake very close to them. Then Stacey drew out his machete and hit the snake with it. He was able to decapitate the snake and left it assuming it was dead.


This is when McMahon decided that it was a good idea to play with the snake’s head. He picked it up and started juggling it. Afterwards he thought it was perfectly safe to put his finger inside the snake’s mouth. What the man didn’t know and was forced to learn the hard way was that the snake’s reflexes and nerves were left intact and were still functioning. To the man’s shock, the snake closed its mouth and bit him by inserting the full load of its venom.

Initially, the homeless McMahon refused to receive medical treatment but was taken to a hospital by the paramedics when he started showing symptoms associated with snake venom poisoning.


The snake was reported to have been a cottonmouth. Its Latin name is “Agkistrodon piscivorus” and it is known to be the world’s only semiaquatic viper. This snake is considered to be extremely aggressive and venomous. It obviously earned McMahon’s respect well after its death.



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