Did You Know That A Man Has Spent More Than $80,000 Visiting Celebrity….


Since the early dawn of mankind different variations of pilgrimage have been made to the graves of famous leaders and religious figures. Nowadays this activity is more or less commercialized and it’s called “tombstone tourism”. It refers to people who are known to be cemetery enthusiasts.

Such person is Macabre Mark Dabbs who spends all of his time and resources on visiting the graves of the rich and famous celebrities who have passed away. His journeys have taken him across six continents.

Mark is probably one of the most dedicated tombstone tourists on the planet. However, covering his travel expenses comes at a hefty price. Allegedly, Mark has spent more than $80,000 traveling around the world. The grave enthusiast was able to snap a photo of himself next to the burial places of over 200 dead celebrities.

He has been from Bruce Lee’s final resting place in Seattle, USA to communist leader Mao Tse-Tung’s crypt in Beijing, China. Macabre Mark draws inspiration from learning more about the lives of the deceased celebrities and world leaders.


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