Did you know that a man hit a $40m jackpot and is giving away all…


Winning the jackpot would be a dream come true for many people. However, it wasn’t Tom Crist’s dream.
Crist, who’s living in Canada with his children, lost his wife almost two years ago to breast cancer. But the unfortunate loss didn’t stop him from keeping up with his career in order to provide a nice home for himself and his kids. So when the man hit the $40 million lottery jackpot, he already knew that he wasn’t going to spend the money on self-indulging with expensive purchases or vacation trips. Crist is giving some of the money to Tom Baker Cancer Center, since his wife was treated there. Even though the man hasn’t decided where he’ll donate the rest of the money, he’s positive that he will give it all away.

source: facebook
source: facebook

Crist retired this September and kept the secret about the jackpot from his kids for several months, but he finally decided to speak out. He told the media the best thing about this jackpot is that he’ll be able to continue donating for many years ahead.


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