Did You Know That A Man In India Has Spent More Than 30 Years Without Eating…


People say meditation can help you lead a better life. But in Prahlan Jani’s case the meditation is the only thing which maintains his life. Literally.

Born under the name Chunriwala Mataji in August 1929, Prahlad Jani left his Rajasthan home when he was 7 years old in order to live in the jungle. He claims he had a religious experience three years later thus becoming a follower of Amba : the Hindu goddess of Good’s victory over Evil. According to Jani, Amba provides him with a liquid sustenance which helps him live without water or food. Allegedly, the mysterious sustenance is flowing through a hole in his palate.

Since the 1970s the man has been living as a hermit in a rainforest cave and spending most of his time in meditation.
Scientist and people all around the globe have been wondering for decades what is Jani’s secret. DIPAS, Sterling Hospitals and other researching facilities have put Jani through numerous tests over the last 10 years. All blood tests and examinations have proven that Jani’s health is outstanding and no one can tell how he does it.


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