Did you know that a man is selling evidence that Nicolas Cage is a ….


Jack Mord, a Seattle-based eBay seller, brought something queer in his selling goods. A picture from the Civil War era taken by photographer Professor G.B. Smith. Jack Mord claims that every potential buyer could examine the picture’s authenticity by a photo expert of their choice.


Why does Mord sell this old photograph for one million dollars? Because he believes that the man on it is the present-day actor Nicolas Cage who is actually a real life vampire. Well, at least according to Mord.

He states that he’s a firm believer that Cage reinvents himself every 80 years. To clarify what he means, Mord says that during the Civil War Cage wasn’t known as Cage and wasn’t a famous actor. He also declares that in a few decades Cage will disappear again and will show up later, probably as a politician, host of a talk show or even as some cult leader but, of course, under a different name.


Shockingly, there’s another similar case, which suggests that John Travolta is also a centuries-old vampire according to a 1860s photograph.


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