Did You Know That A Man Is Suing A Mother For Breaking Her Promise To Let Him Marry ….


A Taiwanese man is suing a woman for the most absurd reason of all. It turns out that more than a decade ago the woman promised him her daughter in marriage. Back then the man was a 31-year-old teacher who fell in love with one of his students, an 8-year-old girl. The mother promised the two would get wedded once the girl comes of age.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

Believing he would marry the girl one day, the man supported the family financially and also paid the mother’s huge debts. He had to move away for a couple of years for work and lost contact with the family for a while. Then he looked up his ‘fiancee’ on Facebook and was shocked to find out she had already wedded another man three years ago and given birth to a child. Enraged by the finding, the man took the family to court and presented a contract between him and the mother proving their agreement. However, the judge ruled that such a contact did not have any legal value and was against public morals. The man is currently trying to appeal his case.


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