Did You Know That A Man Lost His Ability To Feel Sad After Suffering….


68-year-old Malcolm Myatt from United Kingdom suffered a stroke and had to spend more than 19 weeks in hospital. The retired lorry driver had lost almost all feeling in the left part of his body. Although Malcolm was told by doctors that the feeling would return partially over time, something else wouldn’t : his ability to feel sad. It might sound odd but actually according to experts such bizarre psychological, behavioral and emotional changes are not uncommon after a stroke at all.


In Malcolm’s case the stroke affected the part of the brain responsible for emotions – the frontal lobe. Today, he is never depressed and doesn’t feel any kind of sadness or negative emotion. Actually, he even perceives this side effect of suffering a stroke as an advantage. He is confident that “feeling sad or sorrowful doesn’t really help or change anything, then why feel sad at all”? – thinks the retiree. Malcolm’s good mood is “infectious” to everyone around him and when he starts laughing everyone does as well. He even jokes about the stroke changing him into a better, more smiling person and Malcolm’s doctor describes him as “the patient every doctor would want”.


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