Did You Know That A Man Lost His Entire Life Savings At A Carnival Game And All He Got In Return Was….


A 30-year-old man lost his entire life savings on a carnival game and all he won was a human-sized yellow stuffed banana with dreadlocks. As crazy at it may sound, according to Henry Gibbohm he spent $2,600 on the carnival.


It all started when Gibbohm went to a Fiesta Shows’ carnival in Manchester. He spent $300 on “Tubs of fun”, one of the games, in order to win an Xbox Kinect for his children, but he never did. Instead of giving up he went back home in order to get more money and ended up spending everything on the game. The very next day Gribbohm went back to the carnival and complained to the game operator who gave him $600 and a stuffed yellow banana with dreadlocks. Gibbohm filed a police report against the carnival management accusing them of fraud but Fiesta Shows stated that the “Tubs of fun” was run by an independent contractor. The management also claimed that Gibbohm had never spent $2, 600 on the carnival, the flaw in his story being that an Xbox Kinect costs much less than $2, 600.


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