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Sometimes in life when you are working under pressure you forget to take good care of your personal belongings. Recently, a veterinarian based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma named Dr. Gary McNeill had to endure the most unfortunate experience after losing his precious wedding ring.

The veterinarian was called in the middle of the night to perform an emergency surgery on a dog. Usually, when he is operating a “patient” McNeill places his wedding ring on the corner of the operating table. After mysterious and unfortunate turn of events during the surgery his precious ring somehow ended up in the waste bin beneath the table. On the next day when Dr. McNeill noticed his ring missing it was already too late. The waste bin was emptied and the trash bag was thrown away at the Oklahoma City landfill.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE


Dr. McNeill believed that it’s bad omen to lose a wedding ring symbolizing the 10-year marriage to his beloved wife Barbara, so he called Waste Management and decided to visit the dump cite and find his ring no matter what. The challenge was tremendous and seemingly impossible to accomplish but Dr. McNeill was determined to succeed. He and his wife visited the dump cite just a day after they called and started digging through the huge piles of trash. One of the dump cite employees told them which truck carried the trash bag which contained McNeill’s wedding ring and where exactly it was dumped. Miraculously it took McNeill and his wife Barbara only 3 hours of digging through the enormous piles of trash before he finally found it.


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